Thursday, July 05, 2012

Didn't send your kid to war?

Well what do ya know, a novel idea from a citizen of the country served, told to go shopping with the tax cuts and rubber stamped funding, all borrowed and off the books till the now executive branch, for both present wars and years of occupations, wonder why the country and their representatives in congress as well as state legislatures never thought of it before!! Not only the past decade but those prior to, but especially the past one and still counting into the next!!

Maybe you can send $$
5 July 2012 - If you have military-age children who have not served in this decade's wars, then you owe a debt — meaning money — to those who did. That's the premise of a new fundraising effort by three wealthy American families who want to help U.S. veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Every non-military family should give something, they said. The affluent should give large sums. No one should think of it as charity, but rather a moral obligation, an alternative way to serve, perhaps the price of being spared the anxiety that comes with having a loved one in a war zone.

"We have three able-bodied, wonderful, wonderful children, all of whom are devoted to doing very, very good things around social justice; and we could not be more proud of them," said Philip Green, a local businessman who devised the fundraising idea. "We're also delighted that none of them had to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan."

Green says he and his wife came to look at that as unfair: read more>>>

Yep!! It's called 'Sacrifice', by the whole country served, which hasn't been done by the country since Korea, rather the Veteran is Ignored, think PTS, think Agent Orange, think Gulf War Syndrome for just a few and can be found on issues from these two wars already and throughout both!!!

By the way, I didn't say, above, that the statements from this wealthy individual made much sense, especially as to his and his neighbors and friends kids. Just said it was a 'novel' idea and you would think much more would have thought of it, like the whole magnetic signs, lapel flag pins, flag wavin super patriotic country, but alas we didn't get that with Vietnam neither, nor did the Desert Storm soldiers!!

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