Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neo-Conned: Bush's War and Iran/Iraq Coalition Now

Just what the neo-con doctor ordered, at least any with actual intelligence{?}in that cabal of. You see they would have known that when you destroy a country, 'shock and awe!', killing tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, and creating multi millions in refugee's, said country most certainly isn't going to become a valued ally from those days forward! Especially the young who grow up in the destructive long occupation of.

If not the neo-cons knowing then most certainly the defense and especially the nations, and world, security industries. Billions more added in spending to maintain a strong need against criminal terror groups attacks with the growth of the terror organizations and individuals, the creation of a needed enemy for decades of profits from the enhanced fear, worldwide!

And as to Iran, the constant threats at throughout the occupations of their neighbors added even more insecurity to the region being occupied and more young growing up within same.

Iraq-Iran Ties Grow Stronger As Iraq Rises From The Ashes
07/14/2012 - In the run-up to the war in Iraq, neoconservative hawks in and out of the Bush administration promised that the U.S. invasion would quickly transform that country into a strong ally, a model Arab democracy and a major oil producer that would lower world prices, even while paying for its own reconstruction.

"A new regime in Iraq would serve as a dramatic and inspiring example of freedom for other nations in the region," President George W. Bush told a crowd at the American Enterprise Institute in 2003, a few weeks before he launched the attack.

Ten bloody and grueling years later, Iraq is finally emerging from its ruins and establishing itself as a geopolitical player in the Middle East -- but not the way the neocons envisioned.

Though technically a democracy, Iraq's floundering government has degenerated into a tottering quasi-dictatorship. The costs of the war (more than $800 billion) and reconstruction (more than $50 billion) have been staggeringly high. And while Iraq is finally producing oil at pre-war levels, it is trying its best to drive oil prices as high as possible.

Most disturbing to many American foreign policy experts, however, is Iraq's extremely close relationship with Iran. Today, the country that was formerly Iran's deadliest rival is its strongest ally. read more>>>

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