Saturday, July 07, 2012

New Homes for Veterans in California Sit Empty

Welcome once again, DeJa-Vu all over, to the Country that just loves "Support the Troops" cheap symbols and them same words that flow out, as cheap as the politicians, strong on national defense so they claim for their defense industry controllers huge benefits, lapel flag pins. Who really hate bearing their own "Sacrifice" after they cheer on the wars, and long occupations of others, they send others into. And when those sent return they quickly ignore, costs too much as to the results as to what the next decades bring, let alone even pay for the wars they were sent into, hint: added to the deficits from rubber stamped fully borrowed billions, no bid private contracts, buying coalitions, upon billions upon billions!

This isn't only happening in California, at least they tried, and once again DeJa-Vu, it's all over this Country and on many issues related to the veterans. There are a few, real minority numbers within the huge majority of this society, who do understand and really try to make up for the Countries, mostly in the federal but also each state, total lack of responsibility, apathy, as their representatives, federal and state, lay blame on the Agencies, to fully fund for those coming decades as they have failed for the previous decades!

Despite waiting lists
7 July 2012 - Two years ago, 64-year-old Air Force veteran Cheryl Stewart began gathering books and blankets to donate to a state-run nursing home for veterans, which was scheduled to open this spring.

But though it finished building the 300-bed facility in April, the California Department of Veterans Affairs said this week the state budget crunch means no veterans will be able to move into the Fresno veterans home until October 2013, more than a year from now. The same is true for a new 150-bed facility in Redding that the department recently finished building, said Jaime Arteaga, a spokesman for the agency.

“Right now, they're just empty buildings. They don’t even have furniture,” Arteaga said, “so we are running the air conditioner, running water through the pipes, maintaining the grounds and making sure that everything is in good repair.”

The state budget signed last week by Gov. Jerry Brown sets aside $4.2 million to operate the homes over the next year, enough money to “ramp up” staffing, Arteaga said, but not enough to serve any residents.

Those funds are in addition to the $280,000 a month the agency spends simply to keep the homes from falling into disrepair while the buildings sit vacant.


“These are Vietnam, Korean and World War II veterans,” she said. “We signed on the dotted line to do anything for our country including giving up our life, and they promised us health care for the rest of our lives, but they don’t take care of us.” read more>>>

And same country, at least those who will attend, just love those flag wavin for a few hours events, they think those along with the wars and everything else come free of charge, makes them feel all patriotic inside!

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