Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Iraq BLOCKED: Blair’s Private Messages to Bush

Evidence: Sir John has been prevented from publishing private messages between Tony Blair and George W Bush
17 July 2012 - Tony Blair stands accused, by this paper among many other observers, of one of the most serious abuses of power a prime minister can commit.

The charge is that he made a private agreement with George Bush to join the US in an offensive war against Iraq.

Then, with the aid of spin doctor Alastair Campbell, he wildly exaggerated evidence that Saddam Hussein posed a deadly threat to this country, so as to persuade the Cabinet, Parliament and the British people that the invasion was justified.

In a nutshell, he led his country into a bloody and illegal war on a lie.

This is the accusation at the heart of Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry, which spent 18 months hearing evidence until early last year. Since then, the panel has produced a million words of a draft report, almost twice as long as War and Peace.

Yet, incredibly, Sir John now says his findings must be delayed for a year – more than a decade after the invasion – because officials are seemingly refusing to let him publish Blair’s private messages to Mr Bush, on which his conclusions are based. read more>>>

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