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Shinseki “should answer the phone when Nick Kristoff calls.”????

The so called journalist, of the elites, seem to be calling out the Veterans Administration Secretary as being aloof or even arrogant by not bowing down to them but actually doing his job as a pro-active, he and his administration, VA leader finally more concerned for the Veterans then some twisted political ideology and political spin!

Times Reporters Whine About Shinseki Access
July 6, 2012 - Big deal reporters and columnists such as Joe Klein from Time and Nicholas Kristoff from The New York Times can’t get face time with Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, New York Times reporter James Dao wrote in a more-than-1,000-word whine that the Gray Lady for some odd reason decided to run.

Dao blasts Shinseki for not talking to Kristoff for a column on suicide – even though the Secretary’s office said it was not aware of the interview request. Dao then quotes Klein saying Shinseki “should answer the phone when Nick Kristoff calls.”

This is the kind of sheer arrogance that makes reporters almost as well loved as members of Congress.

Dao then quotes Paul Rieckhoff, executive director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America – identified in the screed as one of Shinseki’s more outspoken critics – who complained Shinseki has not been outspoken enough on key issues and did not use Twitter. How much you Tweet, see, is the new baseline for leadership.

Shinseki told Dao that he did not consider holding press conferences a prerequisite for his job, has traveled to 49 out of 50 states and during those trips met with local media outlets and veterans groups.

I think this goes to the heart of the Dao’s beef – Shinseki has not paid enough attention to a DC/NY press corps that views itself as more important than the people and the institutions it covers. read more>>>

These over priced talking and writing heads want to get news on the VA then why not visit a local VA facility or sign up for the news letter after visiting the VA press release pages, those are even archived, like some of us mere mortal veterans actually do, or go through the VA site and see for themselves what's been going on, which has shown Shinseki and company have been doing certainly much more then the one that preceded them, even while still under funded, and that the retired Gen. keeps extremely busy as you point out along with giving interviews to the press, most to the local press and on the veterans of same who it affects. Might try the White House site and their Veterans link as well or the First and Second ladies schedules, their many meetings and actions done without press or public fanfare. Their staffs, who actually do the work they write and speak about do know how to use internet search engines, don't they, we know fox doesn't!

On FLOTUS & SLOTUS "There is this sense that this is genuine," says Raezer. "We haven't had this kind of visibility from the White House—ever." Joyce Raezer - December 30, 2011

None of them were even thinking about the Veterans, much like the bush admin. and especially those congresses, about what wasn't being done as they were selling the two wars and the first years into nor do they write much about now except if blaming the VA. None were reporting on what the 110th and 111th finally got done, even with the obstruction on all issues, that wasn't in the previous two congresses and now with the 112th we're back to those do nothing as to vets congresses unless an election is coming. None have reported as they should what this administration has been doing for military personal, veterans and the families of both through out their time in office, and I might add Rieckhoff only gives a nod occasionally in his reactive and not pro active roll, that started even before they came into office.

And more importantly:

None are Demanding the Country 'Sacrifice', nor have since these wars they fully supported started, especially the wealthy and themselves, as to the costs of these wars. Not only the wars themselves but Especially the results of, all rubber stamped and off the books till the present executive admin., all borrowed as the surplus was gone even before 9/11 and the deficit growth had started, and rarely mentioned by the press especially, and these arrogant so called journalists, in talking about the economy and deficits now!

As to Kristoff and Military/Veteran Suicides

There's a ton of reporting, from real journalist, out there, like this recent one:

Fort Bragg soldier's story shows why preventing military suicides is a 'frustrating challenge'
Jul 09, 2012 - At 3:37 a.m. on May 19, Fort Bragg Pvt. Eric Watson sent a text message to his mother:

"I love you mom. I just can't take living anymore and I'm so sorry. I will always be with you."

The message set off a flurry of texts between Watson and his mother, Angela Moore, who said she tried to keep her son on the phone until she could get someone to check on him.

Watson, who Moore said had tried to overdose on pills and alcohol, was found in time.

Watson's story provides insight into how far the military has come in helping mentally ill soldiers, even as too many continue to slip through cracks in the system.

At the same time, the fact that Watson ended up in the Cumberland County Detention Center three days after his suicide attempt - where jailers weren't even told to put him on suicide watch - raises questions about Fort Bragg's handling of his problems.

Military suicides are soaring.

That most certainly doesn't need his type of political spin and finger pointing showing what little he understands and even wants to, especially as to wars, occupations and the soldiers and veterans of!

There's allot I could add above. But one thought just surfaced after posting.

Very few in the media showed they even liked Shinseki After his congressional testimony at the beginning of these long occupations of choice about troop strength, and if memory serves were pretty much cheering, like the country, when the bush fired him shortly after!!!!! As they equally were cheering on the wars!!

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