Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marg Helgenberger Cuts Ties with Vets Charity

A Hat Tip to the Lady, quickly distancing herself from their use of her in their long running con!

Once again a 'charity' only for its top officials and the more they made, especially the past decade, the less they contributed into the public treasury as their sacrifice in fully funding the Veterans Administration as two more wars of choice were waged and cheered on by a majority of the country who also failed, no one demanded they should, in their promises to fully support and care for those, some one percent of the population and their families, who serve them and defense of country and constitution!

'CSI' Actor Cuts Ties With 'Self-Serving' Vets Charity
Aug. 13, 2012 - A leading actor from the television drama "CSI" is walking away from a charity she endorsed after learning the charity is accused of using millions of dollars in donations to fund golf club memberships and big salaries and pensions for its top officials.

Marg Helgenberger, who until earlier this year played Catherine Willows on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," is featured in a video on the website for Help Hospitalized Veterans making an appeal for donations to help "HHV continue to provide many of their wonderful programs."

But Helgenberger said through her publicist today that until she was contacted by ABC News, she had no idea HHV had become the target of a civil suit filed by a California attorney general who accused the charity of using less than half of the money it receives to actually help veterans.

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"Who would do that? That's terrible," Helgenberger said when she learned of the charges, according to her publicist. The publicist said the actor will request the charity take down the video be taken down immediately and will take legal action if it isn't.

Also today former president George W. Bush and former Senator Bob Dole denied they had endorsed the troubled charity, despite prominent photos of the politicians with HHV officials also featured on the website. read more>>>

Read that last paragraph again. Most would just blow it off especially in arguing politics as pointing at a certain political party, the now GOTP, and those who lead it. But for many veterans, especially, it doesn't seem strange that GOTP politicians and leaders of names and photo's pop up with these types of reports and especially related to veterans' organizations set up to supposedly help the Veterans' community nor especially at a time of the counties wars and occupations. Where there's hefty campaign contributions to be had no questions are asked, just photo ops with smilin pols and contributors, think the very phony Bobby Thompson and the many states manhunt of the past couple of years, millions taken in hundreds of thousands contributed to mostly smilin in photo ops with GOTP pols from a president, bush, and wanna be, McCain, right done to state officials like the now Virginia State Attorney General who helped make law that would have made it easier for Virginia residents to be conned, who are getting wealthy off their words only of 'support for the troops' and 'strong on national defense' cons!

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