Friday, August 10, 2012

More Veterans Charities Scam Charges Surfacing

While Country served still lacks the will, DeJa-Vu all over again, to demand it sacrifices as it's demanded it's Military and their Families to do in their widely supported long wars and occupations of choice. A decade plus now, tax cuts, especially for the wealthy, came with these wars. Surplus was wasted before 9/11 and deficits had already started rising before war costs, not the VA budget needed funds for the soldiers returning from, were rubber stamped by congress off the books, till the present executive administration put them back on, and all borrowed monies, that's what growing deficits are, all the war costs.

Vets charity accused of illegal accounting
August 10, 2012 - California authorities are taking a controversial veterans' charity to court, accusing it of paying officers "excessive" salaries and making "imprudent" loans, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a leading conservative activist's company.

In a civil lawsuit announced Thursday, the state attorney general's office asked a judge to remove the president and the entire board of directors of Help Hospitalized Veterans. The complaint asks for the board and president to pay more than $4 million in penalties to compensate for "misrepresentations" in solicitations by the charity.

The charity "has helped some veterans," Attorney General Kamala Harris told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." But she said nearly two-thirds of its revenue went to overhead, and the officers named in the complaint "have basically been lining their pockets off the compassion that Americans have for our veterans and servicemen and women."

"They have really tugged, I think, at the heartstrings of Americans who want to help our veterans," Harris said. "And, instead, they've had gulf club memberships and condominiums, and they've been lining their pockets -- their personal pockets."

The complaint accuses the charity -- which reported more than $31 million in donations in 2010 -- of making false statements on its tax filings, paying "excessive" compensation, using donors' funds to buy a country club membership and a suburban Washington condominium, and unlawfully diverting money to start another nonprofit. read more>>>

Joining now a long list of Veteran Charity scams, as found this past decade and before, and suspected Veterans Charity scams, coming out of the private sector for the few to enrich themselves and as they do sacrifice even less for the responsibility of the whole country for the service given to their security by the extremely very few.

Why a civil lawsuit and not criminal charges, as yet, you might ask. Well because much of what they do is legal especially under the tax laws. Take the country club memberships, play rounds of golf with others and say business was being conducted or hold tournaments for the charity, the tax write offs kick in. Same for owning a condo, stay there and write in the need to is for business meetings, or in DC testify in congress etc., and as long as business is supposedly being conducted, all the costs are all written off as business expenses.

Another area is in the business sector, especially for a long time around or near military bases, and now with the new GI education Bill the long running scam of higher education industry. Extremely high rates of cost but giving very little in return for the veterans seeking higher or targeted knowledge and training in professions and at a time of a long running collapsed economy, long running high unemployment, one reason many even joined the military, and an extremely tight employment market as the 'job creator', reagan capitalist, aren't investing in economic growth as the new capitalism was described would be the case, the trickle down from the top not economic growth from the bottom up with a growing strong middle class leading the way for all to share in the successes, the direction we once were heading in not long ago.

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