Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Righting an Extremely Destructive Wrong, Agent Orange

US funds Agent Orange clean-up at Vietnam's Da Nang airport
1 August 2012 - During the Vietnam War, what's now known as Da Nang International Airport was a major storage depot for Agent Orange - one of the powerful herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military in its herbicidal warfare programme against Vietcong and regular North Vietnamese forces.

Da Nang is just one of 28 former US Military bases that were contaminated with toxic chemicals that continue to pose a health risk.

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America's International Development agency,USAID, has finally committed more than $40 million to help clean up the remains of Agent Orange at Da Nang Airport - a process that will begin next week. read more>>>

A couple's show of support
1 Aug 2012 - A GLEBE couple has launched an art exhibition to raise awareness and money for the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Beautiful Art for Innocent Children seeks to help children, some the fourth generation, who are born with birth defects because of Agent Orange/dioxin remnants in the soil.

The exhibition is part of an international campaign calling for the testing and remediation of soil.

Political activist John Percy said many people were not aware that Agent Orange continued to cause genetic damage.

He said he had campaigned against the Vietnam War and was now battling for recognition for the victims.

His partner Eva To visited Vietnam in her role as a journalist and was shocked at the ongoing impact of the chemicals. read more>>>

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