Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rmoney & Ryan : Military Veterans Young and Old?

Does Romney think Ryan's veterans spending plan is "marvelous?"
Aug 12, 2012 - In selecting Paul Ryan, the Mittbot has taken a very Romney-esque position of embracing the man, but trying to distance himself from the man's actual ideas and plans.

Now, I imagine the way this will work out, is Romney will express support for the general principles of the Ryan plan, as he has many times in the past, so the Tea Party base will see starbursts. But he'll say there are problems, things he'd fix, so he can conveniently have an out—a line-item veto if you will—when challenged on anything that's unpopular, draconian, Dickensian or downright horrific.

And of course, we'll have to play 50 questions with the Romney camp to find out exactly which parts of the Ryan plan Romney does not think are "marvelous!" That's ok, we have 80 some days, the more we talk about the Ryan Pathway to Poverty, the better.

Of course, the way things are going it's doubtful Romney will answer 50 questions before the election. So, let's start with Ryan's plan for the veteran's spending, shall we?

Suddenly relevant again is a piece that Jon Stoltz, co-founder of Vote Vets posted to Huffington Post in March in response to the Ryan Plan. read more>>>


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Side note on just one of the main issues these two and the rest of that so called political party are rallying against and blocking economic growth while running on jobs, especially for the returning soldiers and sailors as they join our veterans ranks. While Ryan and the rest were abandoning the main mission, with the almost full support of the country, for even sending troops into that region of the world with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq, they had already started their rubber stamping of the previous admins wants. The surplus was gone and deficits started rising Before 9/11 then came the long wars and occupations as Ryan was supporting bush stimulus wants, the jobs markets were in negatives and stayed that way, one reason recruiting while engaged in two wars and occupations didn't suffer much, his whole two terms. They started rubber stamping All the war costs, off the books till the present executive administration, no bid contracts as you can guarantee some in congress were legally trading on insider information. All the costs were borrowed and still are as one war officially ended and the abandoned main mission occupation continues with the slow draw down.

As they continue condemning the 'stimulus', the Recovery Funds of this Administration did do what they were intended to do especially as to veterans, ignored while all that rubber stamping was going on. The Obama stimulus did work and in this country, this is just the Veterans Administration, creating jobs and in most cases long term economic help in the communities spent, which while having wars off the books the tepubs, not just their fed and state reps but the whole flock, didn't even think of, and still don't.

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