Thursday, August 02, 2012

Veterans and Military Families for Obama

OFA-NH Releases 'Veterans for Obama' Video
August 1, 2012 - According to the OFA-NH field office:

* *Under the Obama Administration, the VA has hired more than 3,500 mental health professionals since 2009

* *Increased the number of PTSD programs to meet the special needs of veterans with co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorders, other mental health problems, and military sexual trauma

* *In July 2010, the VA made it easier for combat veterans to file a PTSD-related claim for disability compensation by simplifying the process and reducing paperwork requirements.

* *In August of 2011, the President challenged private sector businesses to commit to hiring or training 100,000 unemployed veterans and military spouses. Since then, 60,000 veterans and military spouses have been hired, and 1,600 companies have committed to hiring 160,000 more veterans and military spouses in the years ahead.

"President Obama has made the issues facing our nation's veterans and their families centerpiece of his administration, and he has accomplished more for veterans and military families than anyone in nearly 40 years," said Rob Diamond, Obama Campaign National Veterans and Military Families Director and a Navy Veteran who served in Iraq.

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