Friday, September 07, 2012

And Why Not

We gave then almost every industry and thus the the innovative trades, they kept trying to copy, we had built and prospered from now they are rapidly. They might as well take the rest and having learned from the mistakes of, as long as they can keep out the blatant greed also found in the private use of what should be going to their masses for their hard work in building that prosperiaty!

Asia’s next revolution
Sep 8th 2012 - ASIA’S economies have long wowed the world with their dynamism. Thanks to years of spectacular growth, more people have been pulled from abject poverty in modern Asia than at any other time in history. But as they become more affluent, the region’s citizens want more from their governments. Across the continent pressure is growing for public pensions, national health insurance, unemployment benefits and other hallmarks of social protection. As a result, the world’s most vibrant economies are shifting gear, away from simply building wealth towards building a welfare state.

The speed and scale of this shift are mind-boggling (see article). Last October Indonesia’s government promised to provide all its citizens with health insurance by 2014. It is building the biggest “single-payer” national health scheme—where one government outfit collects the contributions and foots the bills—in the world. In just two years China has extended pension coverage to an additional 240m rural folk, far more than the total number of people covered by Social Security, America’s public-pension system. read more>>>

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