Friday, September 14, 2012

Religions? Teachings of Religious Ideologies?

The religions have lessons {teachings} in what is commonly used 'free speech' and how far one can take it, it's called 'blasphemy' and it's a once 'sin' that those doing so pointed at others directly or at their beliefs, religious or not, or using Gods {'Jesus' as to the christian} name in vain, and false Propheteering are to answer for, like all the once 'sins', ignored now in the major religions!!

There's also one of them teachings: "Do {say} unto others as you would have them do {say} unto you!", meaning you lead by example, not hollow empty words of faith and strength in, especially twisted to suit a follower and trying to force on others, and you feel the self guilt when you fail to do so but learn from as you ask for forgiveness and the forgiveness comes with trying to do better, not saying you now do better and then condemn others especially!

Them especially that use religious rhetoric, as well as don't participate in the politic but speak the religious books thumping, are No Different then those others they condemn!!

These are not only religious 'teachings' or lessons, these are life lessons, whether one believes in a religion or not, once taught by us 'intelligent' beings to our children, 'treat others as you would want them to treat you' and seek to apologize or make amends when you fail or at some point what goes around comes around. In today's world if still taught by the parents and adults around a child, still in the learning process, that is lost as way too many other responsible adults act and do the complete opposite, the extremely dangerous mixed messages the young learn from. The three main so called religions all were prosecuted, the writings from, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran, are written from those prosecutions and the views of the writers be they prophet or translator or trying to explain the teachings within. Religions, still today, are also formed by the self proclaimed prophets of God who sought or seek to break from the standards of the so called main religious ideologies, just like they did so long ago in forming the religions.

You don't need to even believe in any religious ideology the lessons from are, once again, life lessons of supposedly intelligent beings to try and maintain some sort of non destructive order and peace among the so called intelligent who should also be the care takers for the rest of life on this planet!

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