Friday, September 21, 2012

SEN. TOM COBURN, R-OK: Veterans Job Act 2012 is 'felonius crap'

Hi There: "I'm Sen Tom Colburn and I think the Veterans Job Act 2012 is 'felonious crap' reason I voted 'Nay' on this 'jobs bill' and oh ya I 'support the troops', Really, cause I'm a 'flag wavin patriot'!"
SEN. TOM COBURN, R-OK (9/20/2012): If in fact we're going to start addressing the bigger economic problems of this country, you gotta quit playing felonious accounting with what you're doing, which is exactly what that bill did. ... It's exactly the same kind of — pardon my word — crap that Congress has done for years.

What kind of felonious crap...?

So once again, $800 billion dollars, unfunded, for war. A billion dollars, but paid for in a way you aren't crazy about to help the guys who fought the war get jobs afterwards? We're not made out of money, people. And that's why... Oh Right, Because Doing Something Would Have... The... Ugh.

And lets not leave out our brother Sen. John McCain, who sought to be the CiC:

WATCH: John McCain Does a 180 on Jobless Vets
Sep. 21, 2012 - On exclusive audio, the hawkish senator called jobs for vets priority No. 1. Wait till you see what he said yesterday.

"The fact is, it's a national disgrace that veterans' unemployment is 14 percent," McCain said. "That's a national disgrace. And we've got to try to find more ways and better ways to hire veterans. And that has got to be our highest priority."

But last week, in floor remarks criticizing the now-dead Veterans Job Corps bill, McCain took a dramatically different stance. He declared that fiscal austerity trumped joblessness among former soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. "We already have six veterans job-training programs, but what the heck? Let's, ah, let's have another one," he said in a sarcastic tone:

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