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Sorry Rachel a Fail on the Veterans Segment of Show

Not a complete fail and this isn't any slam on you as you do some of the best reporting on the tube or streamed, you do have an important point, trouble is you keep leaving out the most important in all your reporting on veterans issues, but you're not alone. The rest of the media, as the voices of journalism for the people do as well. But especially the greater population who listen, watch or read they do same.

On the friday, 21st of September 2012, airing of the MSNBC Rachel Maddow show she did a segment titled:

Americans care about taking care of veterans

Description as follows:

Rachel Maddow shows how the disproportionate online reaction to the story of Republicans defeating the veterans' jobs bill should show members of the media that the story is worth amplifying.

Her point about the importance of reporting is spot on. Saw nothing as to local news coverage, maybe one TV station did but not the one I had on. And scant coverage on the National news shows, luckily I don't have a full cable package anymore so don't need to catch the babbling's of opinion speak calling that news.

But quite frankly Rachel that's a rather misleading subject title, Only Some Do and those of us who've served or those serving don't just serve some we serve all, many saying they do or do if the thought strikes to write a check or click a link!

There are many small groups of citizens around the country who need to fight for contributions, and some others do actually give every now and then, if they've formed a successful organization that helps the long underfunded VA, the peoples responsibility through their representatives and tax contributions in both federal and state, do what can't be fully done by the long underfunded agency and our previous wars.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNot just attempting to help by enhancing what the VA should already be able to do or using what this country was once well known for innovations that offer grassroots fill the needs idea's but trying to fight one or more of many issues unable to be fully accomplished by the Full Countries Responsibility to what was already an underfunded Veterans Administration long before these two long wars and occupations and blatantly underfunded throughout these years of. The surplus was gone and deficits started rising Before 9/11. The invasion of Afghanistan followed 9/11, with missions for the Military and promises once again from this country to the Afghan people, i.e. after the Afghan/Soviet long war and our supplying the Afghans with arms. Very quickly after that invasion the country fell in, some 70%plus if memory serves, line with the previous administration as did the rubber stamping off the books, till the present administration, and still all borrowed congresses then. To abandon those missions and promises with the first drum beat of war to invade and destroy another country and the people of just to take down a once friend of many in that administration and also of the father of that previous president. The same time that started the tax cuts were passed and signed into law. Huge breaks for the wealthy and the rest came with quickly rising gas prices that never went back down to pre or just after 9/11 and remain high as are the record profits of the oil companies ever since.

As John Stewart put it:

What kind of felonious crap...?

So once again, $800 billion dollars, unfunded, for war. A billion dollars, but paid for in a way you aren't crazy about to help the guys who fought the war get jobs afterwards? We're not made out of money, people. And that's why... Oh Right, Because Doing Something Would Have... The... Ugh.

As to the comments of Sen, Tom Colburn (R-Ok) about their vote of 'Nay' to the Veterans of and Jobs for.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAlong with the many, but only a small fraction of the population, organizations, there are many volunteers to same who give as much as they can in help, again though in small numbers as related to the full population. There are some advocates and activists, again a tiny portion of the population served, who give of time and their own resources to help in many ways. And more importantly are the always to be found, but few again, Volunteers at Veterans Hospitals and Clinics who are a great help to those often at war times especially overburdened employee's of relieving them of some tasks and giving comfort and friendship to the veterans in.

The greater majority of Americans on the whole like to wave flags, use words, slogans and posters etc. while talking about how patriotic they are. Then go home and place the soldiers, their families, wars and veterans out of sight and mind all but for the direct family members of. The representatives of by the way, mostly like to saber rattle at the VA for whatever negative reports, never comparing same to the private sector, leading those represented including veterans in same. Instead of themselves, and those they represent, Demanding The Country Sacrifice to not only pay for these wars, costs are still being added to the rising deficit, but Especially as to the Results Of Said Wars. Nor even care about the Sacrifices and Services the tiny fraction of the populace do for Country, war or no war to be cheered on with flags waving!

The point is Rachel, and you miss it when talking about the welcome home parades as well, ask the Desert Storm Soldiers how the National New York Ticker Tape Parade helped them in the years after, up till these recent years and the present Veterans Administration, Finally. That the media, the politicians, the people of the country, talk about taxes especially in election years, mostly wanting to pay less to the treasury but still want what the government needs to do for a society and when needing want it yesterday, which comes through cheaper individual costs by taxing and not billing for what they use or is done for them. Which what goes in comes back to their state governments treasuries, some states short changing others by getting more then is paid. And the majority now want the wealthy to contribute their fair share instead of funding campaigns and more as they get wealthier off the labors of the masses and yes the forgotten by almost everyone wars. But nobody is demanding the Sacrifice they demand by the military and their families that serves them, to pay for these wars and especially the needs of the Veterans of and the Veterans of the previous decades and wars!

Oh and you prove the point of short attention spans of people no matter subject but especially as to their lack of Sacrifice and these wars and Veterans. By using a online social media example of 'likes' and 'shares' even the commenting, they moved quickly on sharing, posting, liking, commenting on whatever their 'friends' or themselves have put up. Rage on issues like the vote yes for some, but they like everyone else move quickly away from. I'll bet none of the comments demanded the country sacrifice themselves.

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