Sunday, November 25, 2012

Obama Discusses Terrorism In '2004?'

There's a piece over at HuffPost that's a lead into a discussion on Sunday's edition of "Up W/Chris Hayes.", 25 Nov. 2012, that is somehow, I assume, trying to tie what was said in '04 to actions taken by the new administration and up to recent actions since '08 but not with the reality from that time before '04 and forward from.

Prior to and in the years directly after '04 we engaged much more 'military power' and more thus creating even more hatreds towards us, now not just our government policies, with that 'power' including renditions, secret prisons, torture and much more no longer hidden in the dark but now fully known world wide while we continued and still do condemning others for doing exactly same! The rise in the hatreds created the much enhanced numbers of individuals and groups seeking retaliation and spread the international criminal terror groups to other countries and regions.

Obama In 2004: 'We're Not Fighting Terrorists, We're Fighting People Who Engage In Terrorism'
11/24/2012 - During a November 2004 reading and Q&A session to promote his memoir, "Dreams From My Father," President Obama, then a senator-elect, detailed his views on the motivations behind terrorism and the role U.S. foreign policy plays in such situations. The comments, unearthed by MSNBC's "Up W/Chris Hayes… read more>>>

And 'We're Not Fighting Terrorists, We're Fighting People Who Engage In Terrorism' actually he was right as we created many more of those people long before he became President!

What did the American people do, walked away from Accountability as well as leaving most everything done at that time still on the table, like nobody would use or have the need to, as many quickly picked up the tea buckets in condemning the new incoming administration in '08 and allowing the old to retire comfortably with some still looked to, as if they were elder statesmen and women, for statements and more and they are eager to offer!

The Country set the course not the then new administration and the same country has yet to pony up, 'Sacrifice', for the costs of and Especially the coming decades as to the results from, added still daily!!

It also Abandoned the main missions with almost full support with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq!!

Reason I would guess that prior to the election the World would elect President Obama

September 14, 2012 - An international straw poll shows President Obama would win if the world could vote in the US election.

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