Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Once Near Civil Society and also Once United States

Gun sales once again skyrocketing, one gun shop owner very recently said reasons were 1} Christmas 2} Obama got re-elected 3} School shooting, in that order. Now State legislators, still dodging what they've run on the past couple of cycles and people actually hired them, jobs and the economy, find another dangerous distraction, like the already many, showing their mentality and it's state of!!!

Gun dealers see sales surge with prospect of new restrictions on ownership

After school shooting, some states move to ease gun rules
After the Connecticut shooting, some state legislators aim to let school staff members come to work armed.

These are the LaPierre 'good gun owners' in this once civil country, or seeking to be, should Really Worry About as their mental disorders grow from just once individual quirks into even deeper group think paranoia and more!!

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