Friday, December 14, 2012

"I will have to ask for double pay" if Rice stays at UN

Last night on the PBS News Hour they aired a discussion with the Russian ambassador mostly about Syria and Russia's stand towards as an allie, which was interesting enough in the short form discussion.

Near the end Judy Woodruff, who was conducting the interview, asked about the breaking news about Susan Rice's letter pulling her name out of contention for the spot of Secretary of State.

The Russian ambassador's response was very interesting as it wasn't like a well trained diplomat type, and seemed to catch Woodruff off guard, but more like a regular guy and the work with a counter-part that's sometimes friendly and other times heated and contentious, probably more so the latter.

The exchange:

JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally, Mr. Ambassador, let me ask you about a development here in the United States today. I'm sure you're aware that the U.S. ambassador to the United States, Susan Rice, whom you know and whom you have worked with, has now withdrawn her name from consideration to be the U.S. secretary of state.

Do you have a reaction to that?

VITALY CHURKIN: Not really. It's Ambassador Rice's decision.

The only thing I can say is that, if it means that Ambassador Rice is going to spend four more years in the United Nations, I will have to ask for double pay.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Why -- why do you say that?

VITALY CHURKIN: She has been -- she has been one tough individual in the United Nations.

But we have had, I think, sometimes a stormy, but most of the time friendly relationship with her. So, I would be looking forward to that, particularly if I'm given double pay for an additional -- for the additional effort.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And do you think the fact that she won't be secretary of state is a loss for the United States?

VITALY CHURKIN: You know, I don't want to get into that. This is definitely a domestic matter for the United States.

"she has been one tough individual in the United Nations.", seems like someone a country would want in a position like Secretary of State!

You can catch the discussion here in transcript or video.

The Russian ambassador, how about that McCain and Graham, Russia, or rather the once Soviet Union, which gave your political mentality on tough National Security meaning, still remember the drills and how our school desks were going to save us, modern times brought us ducktape and 4 or 6mil poly covering, and you all have been lost and destructive on same since it disbanded.

Message to McCain and Graham, looks like you didn't do Russia's ambassador Churkin any favors along with the rest of Rice's counterparts at the UN, might have actually done the U.S. one by your false flag attacks though, even after getting answers to your questions just not what you all wanted to hear.

By the way John, speaking about stonewalling, an oldie but still much unanswered, how's that relationship with the banking community these many years after? Oh and what are ya all going to do if our brother 'Nam vet Kerry decides he wants to stay in the Senate so your rubber stamper recent once jr Senator Brown's farewell wish is dashed?

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