Friday, December 28, 2012

Who Says 'Guns can't shoot or kill people!'?

Photo courtesy of Brian Duckworth: A look at a window damaged by shotgun fire during a call on Dec. 21.

Loaded shotgun fires in burning home during call for Parkton Fire Department on Dec. 21
Fri Dec 28, 2012 - A loaded 12-gauge shotgun inside a burning Robeson County home discharged, spewing buckshot through a wall and the windows of a Parkton Fire Department truck that had just arrived, authorities said.

No injuries were reported, said Lt. Brian Duckworth, the Robeson County Sheriff's Office arson investigator. read more>>>

Just think of all that stored ammunition, probably some very close by to where you might live by one or more gun loving but over the line paranoid neighbors who acts normal otherwise, that's been and is being bought in these recent past years to the present and beyond!

And I've never seen it mentioned by anyone, as to first responders to raging house/business fires, when talking about guns, who owns them, and what happens when they, especially the ammunition, are improperly stored.

They are rarely reported about unless someone gets injured by, luckily that's not something that happens often. But I've had friends in fire departments tell me about incidents of many times, usually it's the ammunition alone that gets over heated and starts firing off.

This is one of many issues in training Fire Departments are taught to look out for, they aren't, until now, really thinking of looking out for an ambush and live fire coming from an arsonist bent on killing as well like up in Webster NY. They are now, around the Country doing more then just talking about what happened and now probably will again!

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