Tuesday, January 08, 2013

By Now 'fossil fuels' Should Be the Backup Source

'Microgrids' To Bring Green Backup Energy To Fairfield
FAIRFIELD, Conn. – 7 January 2013 - Fairfield has plans to start producing its own electricity through renewable sources, which would keep the town’s vital services running through major blackouts like Hurricane Sandy.

The town hopes to win a state grant to cover costs to install “microgrids” in the downtown Fairfield area. If Fairfield wins the grant it would add “green” energy sources to town buildings, which would be linked together to keep power flowing even if the main grid went dark.

Public Works Assistant Director Ed Boman explained last week that though the town was preparing the plans for months, recent storms offered a good example of its usefulness.

“It seems fitting that the application comes just after Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to so many in Fairfield,” Boman said. read more>>>

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