Sunday, January 27, 2013

Female Gun Owners missing?

Watching this last night all I could do was shake my head, and you can bet many were, as the gun marketer firing range instructor gave her points about 'rights' that nobody is taking away from anyone, as to guns.

Missing in gun debate: female gun owners
January 26, 2013 - Some supporters of gun rights say there's a voice that's been muffled in the debate, if not missing altogether -- the one belonging to female gun owners.

Tina Wilson-Cohen teaches women how to shoot, and the idea of an assault weapons ban worries her.

"I'm very concerned where we are right now," she said. "And I think we are teetering on losing our rights." read more>>>

The marketing meme:

"We have females that are out there saying 'we need to ban guns,'" said Wilson-Cohen, "but we don't really have somebody at the table that represents women saying why we do need them."

Thing is she showed that marketing, as to selling more guns, as she totally ignored the 'rights' of women being attacked and stripped away in many area's! While saying women's voices are being heard as to controlling everyone else's rights related to these advanced weapons, magazines and ammunition in a civil democracy.

She doesn't have a seat at the table{?}, she should look around, who does she see fighting to strip women's rights, about guns who does she see rushing out to gun shops and gun shows stocking up to fill their arsenals with more weapons and ammunition?

There aren't as many extremely paranoid women like the Sandy Hook shooters mother who obviously didn't get the help already there, and she could well afford, for her son let alone herself, she'll see they overwhelmingly are faces of males.

Who's keeping her fantasy, marketing meme, of women gun owners from the table, why the same males mentioned above!

Wonder how much she makes on the side from lobbying, what it looked like working in or owning a gun shop, but certainly instructing on an indoor range, a profession she seems to be worried about drying up or being greatly reduced if she can't get more women into the fear and paranoia to fork over their cash, instead of taking care of themselves and families, food, needs like school supplies and paying the bills, etc.!

It's all about her, and those just like her, as it always is, while really going after others rights, especially women's rights and they being ignored by the mostly males doing so. Lets keep from mentioning all that reality, and not a conscious caring critical thought about the kids, adults, killed and maimed by guns. No different then those that quickly forgot the children of Sandy Hook, as the gun shop signs were brought out, again, about Obama's going after your guns, get 'em now, and are daily, as they rush to stock up in their fed fears and growing paranoia!!

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