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Gun Laws?? Extremist 'Straw Gun Buyers'

Gun Laws, or any law, only work when those covered to either uphold or report on suspicious behavior carry out the word of the law, and this is only about one. How many others are taking place and probably daily and if not almost every weekend around the country. We learned quickly after the Webster NY firefighters killings that the felon, convicted and having served time for murder, used guns bought by a next door neighbor. She said the guns were stolen from her car yet apparently there was no record of a police report about that extreme theft, and it was reported also he accompanied her to gun shows in the area where the purchases were made. All guns are numbered and supposed to be registered by those, guns used in crimes traced back to someone who purchased but then sold, directly or at open gun shows, or they were stolen from, and there's no record puts the original owner in the same guilt as the perp who used.

This is a recent case that was just resolved but there are still questions and investigations into going on.

N.C. man pleads guilty to gun trafficking
This buying went on for quite awhile, yet the gun shops he was purchasing from, and especially the gun shows not recording his buys, didn't think this was unusual, one, or an employee of, finally did and finally reported their suspicions.

Jan. 30, 2013 - A man pleaded guilty Wednesday in a Charlotte, N.C. federal court to trafficking in dozens of assault weapons, court records showed.


Polices apprehended Beas after Charlotte gun store employees became suspicious of his large AK-47 purchases and voluntarily informed federal agents, the Observer reported.

For six months last year, Beas went to gun shows in Charlotte, Hickory, Atlanta, Columbia, Greenville and Myrtle Beach, court records showed. He sold in a hotel parking lot parts for 12 .50-caliber weapons, the most powerful available for public sale, the report said. read more>>>

This report comes from the Charlotte Observer, the gun straw buyer trafficker faced the charges in the Charlotte court, which goes abit deeper then the one above.

Accused gun trafficker pleads guilty in Charlotte court
January 30, 2013 - Authorities captured Michael Beas, 33, after employees at a Charlotte gun store grew suspicious of his large AK-47 purchases and tipped off federal agents.


The case is unusual in the Western District of North Carolina. U.S. Attorney Anne Tompkins’ office has prosecuted only three other gun trafficking cases in the past five years.

Tompkins says agents are hampered by the lack of a system to track multiple assault weapons purchases. Authorities don’t know how many guns Beas bought and sold, or to whom he sold them. read more>>>

That last above, "Authorities don’t know how many guns Beas bought and sold, or to whom he sold them." comes about in the further investigations. They suspect he was gun running the purchaes or dealing with gun runners in Bolivia as he traveled to that country that's well known for gun running. Thing is he's married to a Bolivian and his lawyer said he traveled there to try and win back his wife who had left him and moved back to.

Yesterday I was streaming the hearings on guns and had to turn it off well before they were finished. Why, well there was a number of spin talk points being made that defied logic let alone common sense and not only by those testifying as gun advocates but once again by tepubs on the panel, marketing for the gun manufacturers. From Lapierre to the other gun advocates on the panel, twisting themselves into knots, especially the woman as she said she spoke for millions of, to the tepubs on the panel they kept attacking the Obama administration and their perception of it being totally lax on enforcement of the gun laws on the books. If I knew I wouldn't greatly hurt myself I would have been banging my head on the table each time they did, and there were a number of statements of. Just leaving out all that was left on the table when the Administration came in and the short four years, now to be extended, to try and clean up the total mess, the issues on guns have been a marketing bonanza for the gun manufacturers and the NRA types as well as their bought government representatives. Even before Obama first took the oath gun sales started skyrocketing, just do a search. And throughout these past four years and on numerous occasions since the same has happened. When it's reported that the Justice Department, or local police, have arrested people of a so called militia group the rightwing press and blogs come to the defense of those arrested and or convicted as having their 'rights' violated, the NRA's usual response is to go dead silent like they did after the Sandy Hook shooting, probably for fear someone might ask if they are paying members of. Yet now it's all the fault of the Obama Administration or video games or whatever.

There's a newer small gunshop that opened, shortly after Obama first took the Oath of office and is still there, among the already many, in the area and towns and cities. On opening the owner had a big banner staked out front about getting your AR-15 and AK-47 there before Obama takes away your 'gun rights' to own whatever you want to. Every time there's been a nationally reported shooting, especially mass shootings with many innocent victims, the sign gets staked out front again. The day after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was no different, totally out of sight and out of mind the extremely young victims of Sandy Hook elementary, it was once again all about the gun owners right to stock up them arsenals, there it was again and the small parking lot was full with pickup trucks and cars coming and going, apparently they also needed thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as some walked out with no guns but packed plastic shopping bags.

What Gabby Said

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Much of the talk about guns has been focused on the mental issues, known or diagnosed, of some people and the help they should be getting as well as keeping them from owning weapons especially assault pistols and rifles and access to. In the Sandy Hook shooting it's all been about the younger shooter and what was found out about his diagnoses of, yet extremely little about what he wasn't getting help, his mother could afford the best, or if the mother herself wasn't sinking deeper into her own troubles. She apparently told friends at a bar she frequented about her guns and that she bought to protect herself if and when the economy completely collapsed. Also said was she wouldn't allow anyone into the home, even a landscaper she'd hired to do work around. Apparently making friends wasn't extended to the neighborhood she lived in, not hard to not do as the house stood far back from the road. This aired last night before a Newtown High School Conn. Legislative hearing on guns:

Newtown mother: Lanza home a "black spot" in neighborhood
January 30, 2013 - The Hockleys lived just yards away from the home of the gunman. Nicole Hockley saw Adam Lanza only once. It was from a distance -- the week of the attack.

Hockley: That house was kind of a black spot in the neighborhood. No one spoke about them. I've never heard a neighbor speak of them. Perhaps if there was more engagement within a community with neighbors looking out for each other, supporting each other, then maybe they would have gotten help in a different sort of way. But to everyone on your street except for one house, and that happens to be a house with people that--or a person who does this--that's kind of hard to swallow. So there is some regret there. read more>>>

More on the hearing last night with video's of some testimonies:

Newtown families hope massacre transforms nation

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