Thursday, January 24, 2013

McCain demands 'Accountability'?

The World still waits for that 'Accountability' especially those of Iraq and the reasoning for abandoning the main missions of Afghanistan!
And still no 'Sacrifice' of the Country for the Veterans!
'Freedom is Free' but for those who've served or are serving!!

You'd think, he doesn't, that McCain would have gotten the hint yesterday when reminded about Iraq in 'five words' and not mention again, yet he turns around and today does the tepublican shuffle, with a laundry list on Benghazi, like he didn't hear it and Iraq WMD's and more are to be ignored because they did it under their labels with no questions asked and all costs not only borrowed but off the books till the Obama administration, none yet paid for either Iraq or Afghanistan. Rubber stamping and deficits rising rapidly started Before 9/11!!

Yesterday Hillary hits the doofus teabag Senator, today Sen. Kerry, politely, smacks him down again!!

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