Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"This is not a debate about the 2nd Amendment" —Del. Gov. Jack Markell

Many are talking, finally, about the mental health issues so long ignored by the society in this Country. Prior to the shutting down of facilities and pushing the issues of out of the societies need to care and understand we may have been following policy that made those suffering even worse off, like the soldiers of our wars and long occupations of others as we ignored wars post traumatic stress and doing so in the private citizens sector as well now ignored no longer but still struggling to understand will seeking instant cures for those suffering from.

All are concentrating now, with these debates on gun control, on the known problems of the young shooter of Sandy Hook elementary school, and the many others, while ignoring the possible same growing problems in his mother, who's top of the line guns and many, some 30 plus, fully loaded clips, found on site after the extremely tragic slaughter of the very young, were those used, to kill her first as well.

Gun control measures unveiled in Delaware
January 14, 2013 - Delaware Governor Jack Markell revealed a package of five measures designed to prevent gun violence in the state in reaction to last month's shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Markell marked the one month anniversary of the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history by taking the wraps of his agenda to reduce gun violence. He expects plenty of debate over these measures in the General Assembly.

"I respect the 2nd Amendment, but the measures that we propose today are entirely constitutional," he said.

Markell pledged that no member of his administration would question the intentions of any lawmaker who disagrees with his agenda. "I expect a robust debate, but I believe this is not a debate about the 2nd Amendment." read more>>>

Beau Biden on Delaware's new gun plan

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Gov. Cuomo, legislative leaders reach an agreement to tighten gun laws; Senate approves the bill late Monday, Assembly is expected to follow suit Tuesday
Cuomo: 'This is a proposal that seeks to limit gun violence. It has nothing to do with ... legal gun owners who use their guns appropriately.'

January 15, 2013 - Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers reached a deal Monday to strengthen the state’s gun laws, leaving New York poised to become the first state to take legislative action following the Connecticut school slaughter. The Senate passed the measure, 43-18, shortly after 11 p.m. Monday — exactly one month after the killings in Newtown. The Assembly was expected to wait until Tuesday to hold its vote, and give the Empire State arguably the nation’s toughest gun laws. read more>>>


Who's defining 'mental illness' especially as to gun owners and 'rights' to easily purchase?

Newtown group aims to prevent violent tragedies
14 January 2013 - Nicole Hockley says she still finds herself reaching for her son's hand or expecting him to crawl into bed with her for a hug before school.

"It's so hard to believe he's gone," said Hockley, whose son Dylan was among the 20 first-graders and six adults killed by a gunman a month ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

She was among several parents to speak Monday at the launch of Sandy Hook Promise, a group calling for a national dialogue to help prevent similar tragedies. Parents held photos of their children, spoke in wavering voices, cried and hugged.

"I do not want to be someone sharing my experience and consoling another parent next time. I do not want there to be a next time," Hockley said. read more>>>

I have not read or seen any reports about her, who could afford to do so, getting the professional help her son needed with his, known by the family, issues he was and had been living with in his young life. Reports did come out that what might have set him off was she was instead finally going to do so, by getting him out of her everyday life, after years of ignoring, and commit him to an institution instead. This while she reportedly told friends she bought her guns, and apparently stocked up her personal arsenal for, to protect her in case the economy completely collapsed, how many more fully loaded clips and rounds of ammunition did law enforcement, which once again find they are facing shortages, find in the house after.

Nobody is also asking why so many, gun owners or wanna be owners, rushing to gun shops and easy to buy gun shows following the these extremely tragic uncivilized killing actions, while completely forgetting the victims of, instantly following and saying they are doing so because they fear a government take over of their right to own, what about the rights of those in the communities around them! Why are most stocking up with thousands of rounds of ammunition whether they buy another gun or not, adding to what they've already hoarded in their private arsenals! Why are so many coming out publicly and threatening to use what they've stocked up, high velocity weapons certainly not for hunting nor target sportsmen shooting and thousands of rounds of firepower, against any and all they feel they're being threatened by! They aren't even asking themselves "what am I and all these others doing here?" and thinking any rational intelligent responsible adult thought about!

Unhinged Tactical Response CEO threatens to ‘start killing people’ over Obama’s gun control

Texas Rep. Stockman threatens to impeach Obama over gun control

These are issues that have crossed the line in any definition of sane to insane and are only growing, as they have in these past modern times, being fed by many knowing the buttons they can push to have masses of people react in uncivilized and irresponsible dangerous ways, they do so for the comfortable livings made, and the power, individually and collectively, from! Feeding the fears they've built in many many others!

Grieving Newtown parents: "Empty for so long"

January 14, 2013 - By Major Garrett - Obama to Congress: If Newtown moved you, act on guns

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