Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Aren't on the Books Gun Laws Enforced

Well I'll let Jon Stewart explain, in two segments, Once Again as others have previously and for Many Years, as a recent calm voice so the gun crazies, ya know the ones constantly rushing out to stock thousands of rounds more in their personal arsenals and pick up them guns they really can't use for much of anything including not their security but already have thousands of rounds for along with big numbers of extended clips, and NRA types might understand, doubt it.

"The ATF! The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms! It's an actual government agency, not just a traditional Southern wedding gift."

Why can Stewart, Maddow, Oberman and a very few others be able in less then a day do research and come up with very important information, at this time about the guns and gun lobby, with a number of points for each segment and the National Media can't do their reporting in same with supposedly tons of well paid researchers behind the anchors?

Oh wait, never mind, the so called real media are bottom line corporations and their extremely high paid anchors and execs gotta concentrate on who's funding that bottom line outside of even the advertising minutes, so those packages can increase as they get rid of them bottom feeder, no trickle down, researchers for quality, hmmm, sounds like most corporations and big business today!!!

And the ad talked about:

About The Ad: Seems like those arguing about laws and government and waste money on these types of public info, think of an insider of government added to his long run against government, rove, and his organizations corporate funded groups and their campaign ads, really do watch fox and it does disintegrate brain cells.

The Chief Executive, the President, doesn't have a choice, especially as this world and country has headed into the insecure and frankly insane, as to having their children guarded by armed guards, it's a matter of top priority as to the National Security a certain, no longer, political party prides itself on being the strength of as they, witnessed the past decade plus now, destroyed any sense of!!

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