Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Economy, Jobs, 2000 - 2012

* * The rubber stamping and rapid growth in deficit rise started Before 9/11. So did the rapid drop in manufacturing here, construction also had started slowing down. Even with the start of two wars. costs rubber stamped, off the books, all borrowed, then adding 'job creator' tax cuts while still not paying for the wars or results of!

* * Construction,commercial and residential including residential remodeling, and other sectors joining, were still slowing down. Manufacturing leveled off with more being done to supply the growing long occupations and in the defense industry, especially with the 'surge'. But still others were loosing jobs and rapidly, we had aready manufactured less and less within our borders. The 'job creator', reagan capitalist model, tax cuts had still not created jobs.

* * Then the bottom completely fell out, wars/occupations still ongoing but even with manufacturing for the defense industry had started collapsing with more needs being imported. Construction in all sectors collapsed before the housing mortgage debacle finally caught up with the corruption within. Companies in that, small to large went out of business. Other sectors followed same, still the 'job creators' hadn't followed their own capitalist model and invested them continued growth at the top individual and corporate wealth into economic growth.

* * The 'recovery funds', more often called 'stimulus', stopped the fall, though not big enough nor used by many states the way intended, only caused slight but steady growth. The 'job creators' still not creating nor investing, most hoarding, but they want more cuts to continue same Con, easy not labored wealth. Wars still not paid for, war costs finally added to huge budget deficit, related costs of, CIA reditions and secret prisons, promises to the countries of the willing to support,much more. But most important the ever growing costs for the coming decades, DeJa-Vu all over again, of those sent as they return, like the veterans of previous decades and wars of since Korea. Still not paid and costs more to catch up to the needs, those needs ignored by those served!

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