Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hagel Enters Pentagon Stronger

Hagel Enters Pentagon Stronger After Confirmation Vote
02/26/2013 - After a lot of fake controversy, Chuck Hagel has finally been confirmed as Secretary of Defense - something I said would happen all along. But, out of this whole situation, three things are now true.

First, Troops finally have one of their own at the top, in the Pentagon. Second, Chuck Hagel is ironically in a stronger position than he would have been if there had been no effort by the right to smear him. And, finally, the Republican party is falling farther into disarray.

As to the first point, Chuck Hagel brings with him the experience of being a grunt on the ground in Vietnam, where he was awarded two Purple Hearts, serving alongside his brother, who was awarded three. In short, very few understand the sacrifices troops make in war as much as Chuck Hagel. That experience, as well as his years of experience advocating for troops and veterans in the Senate, will make him an exemplary Secretary of Defense.

It doesn't matter what decision he has to make, he will always think first about how something will affect our Troops and their families, along with our own security. He'll carry their best interests with him, every time he's called to the White House Situation Room, and convey those considerations to the President. It's a powerful moment for all of those who have served, and are serving now. read more>>>

As to the little chickenhawk cruz, aging out at now 42 of voluntary military service and after 9/11 with two rubber stamped wars, we're keeping even a closer eye on you, you've showed to the extreme your total lack of respect, the nixonian spitting on vietnam vets especially, for any and all that serve as have your supporters, but with them we've known all along!!

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