Tuesday, February 05, 2013

On Guns - Callin Out McConnell

And take it from a once Navy Gunners Mate, all shore all small arms last year In Country Vietnam, the brother speaks truth!!

Assault Weapons and Magazines

How would a shooter bent on mass killings stop others who are packing to supposedly save everyone from, why the same way the well trained and regulated law enforcement community do to shock and surprise a shooter:

"Then they threw in the distraction devices, or what are commonly called by SWAT teams 'flash bangs.' They made a blindingly bright light, and a huge, big noise that is very disorienting."
And take away the extremely weak argument of the gun lobby and those financed by the gun manufacturers and the gun owners related to assault weapons. That makes two arguments as any semi-auto is an assault weapon which can be changed, and are, into a fully automatic as used by the military and designed for. It showed how extremely weak All their arguments are right from the beginning and each time they use, including law enforcement officials and so called gun safety experts and orgs., shows their total lack of common sense and critical thinking, yet they carry weapons themselves. It takes much longer then a second to change a magazine. High round magazines, 20, 30 or more are extremely lethal and reason sought after and used as they kill and wound at a rapid rate without a change. It takes two hands to handle any weapon efficiently and when empty a magazine needs to be rejected from the weapon and another grabbed and inserted, they aren't in the hands already on the guns, over 'just a second!' there. A high round capacity means they need only a couple with them. A lower round magazine means they need to carry more magazines, if bent on killing as many as possible, which means even if practiced they have more objects on the ready, they're not in behind a bench on a firing range with the clips laid out on same, but not in their hands and slowing down as to which to grab, slowing down their reaction while in the blank, or certainly not clear, state of mind they're already in!

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