Monday, February 11, 2013

War Tax Mention Ten Plus Years Later?

Tax cuts, especially for the wealthy, instead while oil prices rose rapidly and the country told to go shopping!

"If military action is worth our troops’ blood, it should be worth our treasure, too — not just in the abstract, but in the form of a specific ante by every American."

For any country, 'Freedom is Absolutely Free', for all the citizens served, and war tax resistance actions are fruitless. As shown for these times and two more long destructive and bloody occupations of others. As the country just puts war and no bid private war contract costs on the easy credit card to be paid by the coming generations, if even then. As the peoples responsibility the Veterans Administration stays grossly under funded during the occupation wars and long after, while some seek to privatize for profit and the underfunding gives them reasons to attack the agency while over funding the defense budgets with no worry as to corruption within the private sector defense industry. As war profiteering makes the wealthy much much wealthier.

A decade plus, still counting, two long occupation theaters, abandoning with almost full support the main missions and countries promises to the people invaded of why the military was sent into the region with the drums beating towards another invasion, and the long term results of, to the Veterans Administration, adding to previous decades and wars from, have yet been paid for!

Deficits started rising with the rubber stamping Before 9/11!

Costs, still in blood in Afghanistan, in treasury still added daily including for the huge embassy in Iraq for the State Department with private merc. security guards, alone!

A Tax to Pay for War
February 10, 2013 - With leading officials calling for action in Syria, and the American military providing support for France’s intervention in Mali, the need for such a tax is urgent. And President Obama’s call for tax reform as the next round of budget negotiations begins offers a perfect opportunity to enact it.

No mention of the long occupation theaters, one officially over and the main missions of and reasons the military were sent into that region long ago abandoned and winding down as those still sent try and accomplish at least a small fraction of those missions and the countries promises to it's people, damage already done as to the standing of the country on the world stage as the expansion to many area's of the criminal international terrorism continues.

Oh wait one is mentioned, not totally forgotten I guess:

Today’s budget negotiations offer a similar opportunity to make a surcharge permanent. President Obama called for counting as savings the money that will not be spent as the war in Afghanistan winds down. Many decried the scheme as playing with funny money because he plans to exit Afghanistan in 2014 anyway; the savings only exist because of an accounting trick in Congressional budgeting. But if those savings were associated with an actual policy change, they would start looking more real. read more>>>

But totally forgotten within the branches of government where revenue legislation are formed, argued and voted on. As well as in the country also, especially by those leading the charges for war and rubber stamping costs of, it never happened apparently as even the media doesn't report same when the rubber stampers then started obstructing everything, while maintaining the grossly wealthy, who reaped the war profits and need the infrastructure to exist, them 'job creators', need even more tax cuts and nobody in the country is demanding they finally Sacrifice as those sent into and their families have.

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