Friday, March 01, 2013

Conservatives Silenced on Iraq War Legality

No not here in the once U.S. where it all was orchestrated. Those that still call themselves 'conservatives' here have evolved into a cult of extremism bent on continuing tearing down the country still known as America. They forgot long ago about any war of choice in Iraq. Forgot their dear leader and cronies who lied us into expanding the hatreds now in blowback. Forgot their cheering of abandoning the main missions, and to the people promised, for our even sending the military into that region. Forgotten that that theater of occupation is still ongoing, i.e. hold on the next Secretary of Defense that was finally sworn in. Forgot that neither war has been paid for yet, rubber stamping congresses and thus rapidly rising deficits started Before 9/11 and continued after the rubber stamped war costs, all borrowed. Forgotten, DeJa-Vu all over again, the returning military troops, after a few flag waves, and especially the ones discharged into our Military Veterans community and their Responsibility to fully fund the Veterans Administration. Hell they forgot any Veterans of these two wars like they do our others in the previous decades right from the start, no Sacrifice told to go shopping, no increased budget for the VA till this present administration, just nickle and dime 'support the troops' crumbs to look patriotic and around election times. Oh so much has been forgotten so no need to demand they be silent on legality, nope this is from across that pond!

UK Foreign Secretary bans talk of Iraq war legality
Mar 1, 2013 - In the run up to the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq under the pretext of Iraq having ready-to-launch weapons of mass destruction later this month, British Foreign Secretary William Hague has instructed other cabinet members to avoid discussing the legality of the war.

The Conservative minister has sent confidential letters to his fellow cabinet members telling them that they should not enter any debate on the conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and almost 200 British forces, The Guardian reported.

While Conservatives gave their full backing to participation of Britain in the invasion of Iraq, then being advanced by Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, the move was strongly opposed by Liberal Democrats.

Hague is now expected to trigger a bitter row with the Liberal Democrat in the coalition government, especially seeing that Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is planned to make a speech on Iraq just before the war anniversary on March 19. read more>>>

Wonder what the FOX, or even the butt cyst rush, is planning for the anniversary of the extremely failed policies!!

Looks like some didn't get the message:

Iraq War 'can't be justified', admits Lord Prescott
01 Mar 2013 - The Labour peer said he had supported the invasion in 2003 in the belief that George Bush, then president of the United States, had a plan to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Speaking on BBC One’s This Week, however, he said he “can't just disown it” but now thought the war was wrong. read more>>>

Blair still misleading on the Middle East
1 March 2013 - TEN years ago this month I was in Iraq as Shock and Awe – the opening bombardment of Baghdad – signalled the start of the invasion and war that was to follow.

Listening to explosions rattle the windows and walls of the hotel in which I was staying, I remember thinking how I might look back on that moment in years to come.

This month, as the world marks the anniversary of that invasion, there remains for me an indelible mix of sights, sounds and smells associated with those dramatic days. read more>>>

Though now that I think about it most everybody has forgotten, certainly no demand for accountability, even on this side of the pond. Except of course when the need to mention suddenly pops into mind then is quickly moved on from!

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