Monday, March 11, 2013

From El Salvador Death Squad Activities to Iraq

Reason why the Iraq occupation lasted eight years and the long ago abandoned main missions for even sending the military into that region is still ongoing but winding down, and not in a secure manner!

His actions along with Negroponte leading same under cheney, rumsfeld and bushco clan, add in the under no law very well financed, on borrowed dollars and no bid contracts, private merc army sucking some in the military into what they were doing along with the rhetoric from the leaders and their supporters here are why Afghanistan is still ongoing. It's also why the al Qaeda ideology of international criminal terrorism spread far and wide and will continue for the coming decades, the kids who grew up under our terror and survived are seeking the retaliations as will theirs coming up and being told about.

The needed fear factor enemy sought after the so called cold war collapsed under it's own weight of huge defense spending.

Washington's man behind brutal police squads
In 2004, with the war in Iraq going from bad to worse, the US drafted in a veteran of Central America's dirty wars to help set up a new force to fight the insurgency. The result: secret detention centres, torture and a spiral into sectarian carnage.

6 March 2013 - An exclusive golf course backs onto a spacious two-storey house. A coiled green garden hose lies on the lawn. The grey-slatted wooden shutters are closed. And, like the other deserted luxury houses in this gated community near Bryan, Texas, nothing moves.

Retired Colonel Jim Steele, whose military decorations include the Silver Star, the Defence Distinguished Service Medal, four Legions of Merit, three Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart, is not at home. Nor is he at his office headquarters in Geneva, where he is listed as the chief executive officer of Buchanan Renewables, an energy company. Similar efforts to track him down at his company's office in Monrovia are futile. Messages are left. He doesn't call back.

For over a year the Guardian has been trying to contact Steele, 68, to ask him about his role during the Iraq war as US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld's personal envoy to Iraq's Special Police Commandos: a fearsome paramilitary force that ran a secret network of detention centres across the country – where those suspected of rebelling against the US-led invasion were tortured for information. read more with full video>>>

Extra billions spent and to be spent on that so called 'homeland security' added to the extended costs of these two wars, still not paid for, added to the cost of human blood and life!

When wars of choice are waged to give regime change in countries and reasons for the change are the selling points for support of then 'In Our Names' we are the ones actually doing those selling points, human rights violations with torture and more, the wars become moot as we become the pariah of the world community! That extends into many area's and far and wide with many results in blowback!

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