Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Waste That Pollutes Their Lives

Observers around the world share photos of the waste that pollutes their lives
08/03/2013 - FRANCE 24 is lucky to have thousands of Observers around the world. Every day, we collaborate with them to report on problems in their communities. Some of their problems are unique, but others are universal, such as the problem of waste management. So we decided to reach out to all our Observers and ask them: Is trash a problem where you live? The response was overwhelming.

We received photos from all over the globe. This sampling illustrates a larger truth: pollution is today a part of much of the global population’s daily lives; it’s in their streets, in their rivers, and in their streams. And it is often caused by the local authorities’ failure to come to grasps with the sheer volume of waste that humans produce – whether due to poor management or insufficient means. read more w/photo's>>>

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