Sunday, April 07, 2013

Afghan Theater: Stories Of 'Outside The Wire'

Stories Of 'Outside The Wire' Give An Insider's View Of War
7 April 2013 - In some ways, it was like any other writing class: backpacks, books, rough drafts, discussions about literature. But instructor Christine Dumaine Leche and her students weren't sitting in a college classroom or a community center — they were on an air base in Afghanistan and the students usually came to class after long days in a war zone. Leche was teaching them to translate their experiences — the danger, the boredom, the painful separation from their families, the fear and the hatred — into prose.

Out of that classroom came dozens of intimate narratives of life as a soldier, including an essay by Sgt. 1st Class Billy Wallace about a previous deployment to Iraq. It contains this scene of him leaving home for that tour: read more>>>

"Outside the Wire: American Soldiers' Voices from Afghanistan"

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