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Agent Orange and Vietnam's Pregnant Women

One always wonders or should, at least this one does, why the so called rabid, and some very dangerous in any civil human society, they call themselves pro-life while really being controlling anti-choice in condemning others, on earth judges while committing their own sins, factions are so hawkish on wars and more. As well as same on huge defense spending, while ignoring their responsibility as to the results of our wars that last for the coming decades after, and the weapons of long term mass destruction used. Why they never seek to even apologizes to the innocent victims on the receiving end of the terror wrought on them nor fight alongside those affected and condemn further use of mans weapons against others, the long term affects from, especially as they also fight against diplomacy to avoid war while beating the drums for! And they feel no responsibility to compensate those affected by our WMDs, but find it easy to condemn others that use same!

It isn't only being hawkish on wars, especially of choice and no need, but everything related to death that humans use towards each other, always having excuses for being so righteous in the need, their choices!

Agent Orange still stokes fear in Vietnam's pregnant women
Concern about birth defects is deeply rooted in the country's recent history and has brought a surge in ultrasound checks

11 April 2013 - In the waiting room of a maternity hospital in Hanoi, pregnant women sit anxiously until their names are called. Many have been here numerous times to get an ultrasound scan.

Dung, 28, from a village on the outskirts of Vietnam's capital, is seven months pregnant. "Every month I come here for regular check-ups and an ultrasound," she says. "If you don't know you are pregnant and you take the wrong medication, birth defects can easily occur in the first three months of pregnancy."

"I'm afraid of my child's health, that's why I come for regular visits," says 30-year-old Nhung. "There are risks from birth defects mainly from the environment, and infectious diseases passed from mother to child."

In most European countries it is national policy for hospitals to offer at least one ultrasound during pregnancy to detect the date of delivery and any abnormalities. However, in developing countries the use of scanning has increased as it is vigorously promoted by manufacturers and doctors. read more>>>

Another of mans many many weapons of mass destruction developed and readily used not only against others but against the environment we all live in. Especially developed and used by this country, the once known as the United States now called by everyone red states and blue states but still America, with long lasting results. Same mentioned above find nothing wrong with the development and use of, nor in condemning others who use once it's been unleashed by us.

Napalm: A True American Tale
Co Rentmeester / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images Napalm in action, Vietnam, 1967.

April 11, 2013 - Napalm is one of those American inventions that you wish weren’t, sort of like Agent Orange, killer drones, or nuclear weapons. Sure, their invention might have had to happen eventually, but why should the U.S. have to shoulder credit – culpability? — for being the first to develop ever-better and more lethal weapons? Was that something the Founding Fathers ever envisioned?

Despite its heritage and horror, napalm – the word is a marriage of its two original components, naphthenic and palmitic acids – has played a major role in the history of war. That’s why Robert M. Neer, a historian at Columbia University, elected to write a book about it. Battleland conducted this email chat with Neer earlier this week:

What is the bottom line in your new book, "Napalm: An American Biography"?: read more>>>

And then of course we have to clean up after ourselves and in most cases hide the past, with possible dangers for the future.

Former ASARCO workers talk health issues, demolition
April 10, 2013 - Two former ASARCO employees spoke out to KFOX14 about the upcoming demolition of the ASARCO smokestacks and why they say it is a big mistake.


"There's warfare agents, there's Agent Orange residues, sarin nerve gas agents, there's pesticides from the shell," Arellano said. "A lot of the sulfuric acid and nitric acid would seep into the ground for months, so that would eat your boots up, just walking through little puddles of water that was in that area."

Both Rodriguez and Arellano told KFOX14 they suffer from health effects that they believe are a direct result of the materials in the smokestacks. read more>>>

From what I understand these former workers weren't listened to and the stacks came down, to be buried into the ground with any possible dangerous contaminants clinging to the remains!

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