Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baghdad Burning: Riverbend Posts after Very Long Silence

... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

Ten Years On...
April 9, 2013 marks ten years since the fall of Baghdad. Ten years since the invasion. Since the lives of millions of Iraqis changed forever. It’s difficult to believe. It feels like only yesterday I was sharing day to day activities with the world. I feel obliged today to put my thoughts down on the blog once again, probably for the last time.

In 2003, we were counting our lives in days and weeks. Would we make it to next month? Would we make it through the summer? Some of us did and many of us didn't.

Back in 2003, one year seemed like a lifetime ahead. The idiots said, “Things will improve immediately.” The optimists were giving our occupiers a year, or two… The realists said, “Things won’t improve for at least five years.” And the pessimists? The pessimists said, “It will take ten years. It will take a decade.”

Looking back at the last ten years, what have our occupiers and their Iraqi governments given us in ten years? What have our puppets achieved in this last decade? What have we learned?

We learned a lot.

Hopefully she will continue to update her life, a life rarely seen by many but lived by many others, with use of her blog, letting us follow her in writings, started back in the beginning of the destruction in terror of her country. She holds the ability to be brutally honest and understanding of the realities, to many have lost that as she points out. May you be safe Riverbend and some-day's find as peaceful for you've lived in many that have been brutal in what humans can and do do to each other, and for what!

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