Friday, May 31, 2013

Iraq: 'grubby deal to censor Iraq inquiry'

Cameron, Blair and their 'grubby deal to censor Iraq inquiry': Key evidence has been held back in return for ex-PM's neutrality at election, claims former foreign secretary
30 May 2013 - David Owen has accused Tony Blair and David Cameron of striking a secret deal to prevent the Chilcot Inquiry publishing key documents about the Iraq war.

The former Foreign Secretary said extracts of letters between Mr Blair and President George W Bush have been held back to save the ex-Prime Minister’s reputation.

It is believed the documents may shed light on the allegation that Mr Blair had already agreed to go to war up to a year before the 2003 invasion.

In a speech, Lord Owen made the astonishing claim that Mr Cameron had backed Mr Blair’s decision to block the publication of the letters in return for his ‘neutrality or tacit support’ at the next general election.

The peer also pointed the finger of blame at Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, accusing him too of blocking the publication of the documents.

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq conflict was set up four years ago but has yet to report. While Sir John Chilcot and his panel have been given access to all the documents, they have been denied the right to publish some of those which they regard as key to their conclusions. read more>>>

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