Friday, June 28, 2013

Four Superb Reports This Week into Nuclear Waste

'Nuclear Waste' series targets seriously troubled project
28 June 2013 - In four superb reports this week, The Center for Public Integrity’s national security team tells the disturbing story of how billions of dollars are being wasted on a specialized nuclear plant that was supposed to produce fuel for nuclear energy and reduce weapons grade plutonium. Not only could this failing enterprise end up costing as much as $20 billion, it may also create more nuclear weapons material instead of less. The Center’s Nuclear Waste series kicks off what will be an ongoing investigation into the world’s faltering efforts to control these most dangerous nuclear explosives.


In 2002, the so-called MOX plant being built by the Energy Department on a Savannah River site near rural Aiken, S.C., was estimated to cost $1 billion and start operating by 2007. It began with good intentions, but has since been hijacked in part by Washington’s dysfunctional, money-driven politics and pork-barrel mentality. read more>>>

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