Monday, July 08, 2013

The "fracktivists" Gasland Part II

"Gasland Part II": The Fracking Empire Strikes Back

Director Josh Fox explains his expanded investigation into the natural gas industry and responds to President Obama’s climate speech.

Jul. 8, 2013 - Movie sequels are typically reserved for superhero franchises (and occasionally Michael Bay). Not scrappy social-issue documentaries. But director Josh Fox's 2010 documentary Gasland, which was nominated for an Academy Award, helped spark such an enormous national interest into the negative impacts of natural gas drilling that he decided to make a sequel.

"When we put the first movie out we were astounded," Fox recently told Mother Jones. "We…never figured that 'fracking' would become a household word." read more>>>

'Gasland' Sequel Has More Fracking Horror Stories
July 08, 2013 - The documentary Gasland inspired legions of "fracktivists" to oppose natural gas drilling booms across the country. Now the film has a sequel. Gasland Part II by director Josh Fox begins airing on HBO Monday night.

Gasland Part II
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