Thursday, August 29, 2013

Champions of Change - Veterans in Clean Energy

At an October ceremony at the White House, the Administration will recognize and honor veterans who are leading their communities to prepare for the impacts of climate change and transition to a clean energy economy. We need your help to nominate these White House "Champions of Change."

During my two deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I saw firsthand how the fuel-intensity of modern warfare and our single-source dependence on oil limited mission capability and put our troops at great risk. Many of you have similar stories from your own honorable service. And here at home, we've witnessed men and women in uniform helping out communities impacted by a growing number of natural disasters.

As veterans and military family members, we understand the national security challenges of oil dependence and how climate change poses a risk to our troops serving abroad and citizens at home. Our nation's shared experence has led many veterans to start careers in clean energy or to become advocates for climate security within their local communities.

And that's what the White House Champions of Change program is all about: Recognizing veterans who have continued to serve this country as leaders and advocates for an energy future that strengthens our national security and makes our troops and communities safer.


Mike Breen

Executive Director

Truman National Security Project | Center for National Policy

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