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DoD IG Report on Security and Entering Naval Facilities {UpDated}

{there's an update from the VA on Aaron Alexis, I'm placing it at the bottom}

An audit was done and released by the Department of Defense Inspector General on granting access to Naval facilities for any but Naval personal, private contractors etc.

This is a short report about the audit and with links to same titled:

Felons granted access to Navy bases because of cost cutting measures, IG says
In it you can find this:

September 18, 2013 - The Navy granted base access through its commercial access card to convicted felons without doing full background checks, a Sept. 16 Defense Department inspector general report says.

The commercial access card differs from the common access card that Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis reportedly used to gain entry into Naval Sea System Command building Monday, the DoD IG said in a email to reporters.

The audit says the Naval Commercial Access Control System's Rapidgate vetting process allowed 52 convicted felons to receive "routine, unauthorized installation access, placing military personnel, dependents, civilians and installations at an increased security risk," because the Commander of Navy Installations Command needed to reduce security costs.

Normally, government employees and contractors who need access to a base from more than 6 months must undergo a National Agency Check, which includes a full, written background investigation, the report says. read more>>>

In the report itself it carries this:

After receiving the contractor employee's enrollment fee, Eid Passport's third-party vendors perform public record checks using publicly accessible databases. However, Eid Passport stated, "not all public records are up-to-date, complete, accurate, or available." Before the public record checks are completed, contactor employees enrolled in Rapidgate can obtain temporary installation access for up to 28 days. Contractor employees present the installation's Pass and Identification Office with a Rapidgate enrollment receipt and personal identification to obtain interim access until they are authorized or denied participation in Rapidgate.

Keep in mind as to who is doing all this. Aaron Alexis worked for a private contractor under government contract!

Private contractor that Aaron Alexis worked for states nothing in his backround not only blocked hiring but also allowed security clearance!

Company doing the backround checks for the private government contractor was also a private contractor under government contracts and probably does backround checks in more area's of the government then just the contractors, some probably as we've seen in recent years, getting contracts that are no bid!!

These private contractors, just ask a tepub, are supposed to be able to do the work contracted better then the government agencies they're doing it for, especially if that's all they do, like backround checks. With the technology today and even better at their disposal they should have information on anyone, especially as to police reports, and from anywhere right up to very times time frames.

Rachel Maddow opened her show last night with a piece about just this, the private contractors and backround checks with more within:

I put up a quick thought this morning on my facebook page as even more of this information is coming in:

This is looking more and more like a suicide by law enforcement, and taking others before so he will be remembered for something in his life no matter the tragic reasons for. It was extremely well planned out if those plans ran according to his wants and they did. Everyone will play on the mental problem reports, which along with those early reports and his run in with law enforcement would have stopped him from buying a gun leaving only doing so illegally or stealing from the huge source now of and the lax security by many who own. He was extremely lucid apparently leading up to the shooting in the days prior to, if reports are correct and many seem to be as they come from sources in the lead up, like the gun shop. After not being able to buy the AR-15 he knew he needed more then the pump action shotgun if he could gain access with so he targeted first any guards at the yard and shot them then took their guns. I can only guess, but I'll bet there wasn't much of a try by him to live when he was finally confronted by the law enforcement and killed, he had accomplished what he set out to do already!

DoD IG Report on Security and Entering Naval Facilities

And we now are facing the possibility of a government shutdown by the teabag representatives who work for all of us because they seek to defund romneycare, whoops obamacare, and are the same ideology who seek privatizing everything in government for bottom line corporate profits. Also same ideology that started rubber stamping everything under the bush long before 9/11. Then came two wars, abandoning the missions of why we sent our military into that region after 9/11 with all the costs rubber stamped, on the countries credit, with no bid private defense contracts one of which built a huge private army under no control. Still unpaid for, both wars. Did little to nothing as to enhancing the Veterans Administrations budget, actually looking to cut that, as to the results of. And continued rubber stamping after 9/11 on other issues and wants, but didn't raise the needed security funding for overseas facilities like State Department embassy's.

These same private contractors do the modern MBA corporate mentality, any way they can cut costs, for bigger bottom lines and thus compensation at the top, they do it. Be it lax work policies, safety work issues, more work with fewer workers and on and on and on. Think the NSA private contractors and what Snowden was able to do in his short time with. Think of the reports we get from the private sector and corporate mentality and the same for the private contractors doing government work especially with these congresses that totally ignore the jobs hired to do in oversite and more while wasting tax payer monies playing extremely bad politics!


VA: Aaron Alexis never sought treatment for PTSD
Sep. 18, 2013 - Aaron Alexis, the Navy veteran and subcontractor believed responsible for Monday’s Washington Navy Yard shooting, was treated twice in August at veterans’ hospitals for insomnia but was never diagnosed by the Veterans Affairs Department with post-traumatic stress.

“On both occasions, Mr. Alexis was alert and oriented,” VA said in a statement issued Wednesday. Alexis “was asked by VA doctors if he was struggling with anxiety or depression, or had thoughts about harming himself or others, which he denied.” read more>>>

This is just being released, caught it on my local news in a quick statement.

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