Friday, September 27, 2013

John Donald Cody, Phony US Navy Veterans Assoc., Has Subpoenaed Boehner

Why a Scam Artist Wants to Subpoena John Boehner
SEP 25, 2013 - Why does a scam artist with multiple identities want to subpoena John Boehner in a fraud case in Ohio that involves a prominent charity for Army veterans and a suitcase full of cash?

Meet Bobby Thompson, a scam artist accused of defrauding people out of more than a $100 million that they thought was being donated to a fake charity, the United States Navy Veterans Association. Authorities have also Thompson identified as Harvard-trained lawyer and former military intelligence officer John Donald Cody. Investigations into the charity by the St. Petersburg Times in 2010 revealed that it was nothing more than an elaborate lie. Thompson was arrested in May 2012, finally, after this slight hiccup in the investigation:


Thompson's trial starts on Monday in Cleveland, and the defense has subpoenaed Boehner and two former Ohio attorney generals, Jim Petro and Betty Montgomery. Why, you ask? Because the defense wants to show that, despite his other faults, Thompson's multiple donations to prominent Republicans were all legal. Other Republican names you may recognize that received donations from this guy:

Former President George W. Bush

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney

Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain

Former Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani.

Plenty more received campaign donations from Cody, aka 'Bobby Thompson', like the Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli running for Governor of Virginia now.

Another about the Subpoena fight in Ohio: Ohio AG Fights Subpoenas for Himself, Boehner

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