Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Underground Network Hands Off Unwanted Adopted Children

Total failure at parenting especially if adopted at very young age, many getting state help financially because of disabilities etc., easy cash, and raised in home where adoptive parents decide once child is grown to preteen or early teen they are no longer wanted nor needed! Boon to pedophiles, male and female, and human traffickers!

9 September 2013 - Parents use underground network to hand off unwanted adopted children

The process is called “rehoming” and it happens when parents drop off their unwanted internationally adopted children with other families. Hear one adoptee’s personal tale. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

Adopted girl says new 'mom' slept naked with her
10 September 2013 - A Texas teenager says that after her adoptive parents gave her away at age 13 to a couple they’d met over the Internet, her new “mom” made an unusual request.

“The first night I had to sleep with the woman, in the same bed with her,” recalled Anna Barnes, now 18. “That was weird, and she wasn’t clothed.”

Anna Barnes is one of the adopted children who was “re-homed” as part of America’s underground child exchange. An investigation by Reuters in partnership with NBC News has uncovered a vast network of adoptive parents who transfer unwanted children – often foreign adoptees – to virtual strangers they meet online in a range of chat rooms. read more>>>

Unwanted adopted children traded online in underground network
10 September 2013 - HICKORY, North Carolina, Sept. 10 - When Megan Exon began moderating an Internet bulletin board in 2007, she viewed her effort as a way to help kids find better homes.

The group was called adoption_disruption, and it drew parents who were struggling to raise children they had adopted.

The North Carolina woman wasn’t a licensed social worker or an adoption specialist. She was a 41-year-old mother who had taken in a child herself less than two years before. Her husband had noticed a Taiwanese boy advertised on the Internet, in one of the online forums that support America’s underground market for unwanted adopted children. read more>>>

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