Sunday, September 01, 2013

Why Obama's Going to Congress on Syria

Because congress writes letters instead of, if they were really serious about the demands, the leadership of both houses calling the peoples representatives back in session!

Because most of the press and especially talking heads are praising the letter writing and not questioning why the leadership, especially in the House, has yet to call the representatives back into session!

Because the some 80% of the people, as reported, 70%plus were in full support of the bush administration quickly abandoning the missions we sent our military into that region after 9/11, occupation continues but winding down, and cheering on invading Iraq, are against any Syria actions while not demanding the congressional leadership call their representatives back into session while those letters from were written and sent to the White House!

Might add to above, see figures at top, the same can be said of the fox style speak from most of the press and media outlets as well as even some dems or so called progressives, but is being carried far and wide by teabag so called ideology and their reps.

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