Monday, October 14, 2013

The Real News on Real Vets on the National Mall

While the 'cruzettes' and 'palinites' were on the National Mall waving confederate flags, ripping apart the barriers set by law surrounding the WWII monument, screaming at the still working but not paid Capital Police and slandering everyone that's not them, still not saying a thing about paying off their debts from the bushco and teapublican congressional years, this is what a group of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, with their kids, were doing. Serving their Country still, that doesn't serve them back in Sacrifice to pay for the wars and especially the results from, now a decade plus added to the previous decades and wars from.

Armed with trash bags and tenacity, volunteers from Team Rubicon - Region 3 spent yesterday morning collecting litter throughout the National Mall that had accumulated since the government shutdown. Great work, team.

This group has now been around for awhile and has helped out, quickly, in emergency care and clean up after Mother Nature and more has left behind it's 'shock and awe'. If you can give out to Team Rubicon so they can continue serving you especially if you live in an area that might be hit with devastating storms and more! And if visiting their site look around at that which they've helped their fellow Country men and women with.

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