Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Story Not Reported, i.e. ACA

In the teapub world, especially this tea party mentality of 'self sufficiency' and private for profit can do better, think war contractors that were the 'only ones in the world that could do', of government privatization this is the real story, not being widely reported, Again!

Anyone even having a thought about doing business with this company should rid mind of those thoughts and especially if ever found it conspired to cause harm with gobs of unneeded code and purposely placed to give many trying to use problems in doing so!!

We've seen this over and over and over..............., especially under the no bid private contracts and wars in the recent years as well as security issues a number of times just recently!

The Company That Built Obamacare Is Doing Better Than Ever
Oct 18, 2013 - Soon after launched, users started reporting major problems. As blame flies around, there's one party that seems to have emerged unscathed—the company that built the faulty site.

A funny thing happens to the shares of large, largely anonymous federal contractors when they become implicated in a debacle: they rise. We saw this at work earlier this year with Booz Allen Hamilton. The firm, which gets virtually all of its revenue from the federal government, employed Edward Snowden, who proceeded to use the access afforded him by his post to grab and make public all sorts of embarrassing secret government information. But Booz Allen didn’t lose any contracts as a result or suffer much opprobrium in the public markets. read more>>>

Who's trading these stocks that cause them to grow, not collapse, after the obvious failures in product they've produced and then released, easy wealth with very little labor involved and possible end games sought, probably with help from government insiders in cases like this where these companies feed from the government largess!

For these government contractors it wouldn't be hard to find government employee's, hired reps and their staffs, appointed or hired into agencies or especially now working in government employee's, to push the sell, if they were opposed to government policy being initiated and with the ACA multi millions are being spent to tear it down no matter the rulings included from the supreme's!!!

Like this supposed to be representative of the people and country, AIR DATE: Oct. 22, 2013: Rep. Huelskamp: Tea party GOP lost the shutdown battle, but not the wider debate, but obvious a corporate paid hack, for those private investors who seek to destroy government for them bottom line billions of dollars, as every question asked is answered with condemnation of 'Obamacare', and poorly done at that, but his supporters wouldn't think? so!!

And speaking about government insiders with an agenda, October 23, 2013: WH staffer unmasked, fired for anonymous, insulting tweets, or wanting to throw a monkey wrench into any policy issues.

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