Saturday, November 16, 2013

ACA: Follow the Money? and/or the Politics?

Been asking for a few weeks about the private government contractors tasked with building the site and why no media coverage as their stock didn't suffer in the least.

Think also the private government contractors profiting off the wars, no bid rubber stamped contracts or how about those working for the NSA or the ones doing background security checks on potential government employee's, the list goes on and on and on..............

Earlier reports about the coding had outside programmers saying there was way too much code, way too much. I'm not a techie but those reports and others were raising questions at least for me.

Maybe the Washington post are making the effort, finally, to dig behind the screaming headlines and talking points of 'Obamacare Failure'.

Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company
16 November 2013 - The lead contractor on the dysfunctional Web site for the Affordable Care Act is filled with executives from a company that mishandled at least 20 other government IT projects, including a flawed effort to automate retirement benefits for millions of federal workers, documents and interviews show.

CGI Federal, the main Web site developer, entered the U.S. government market a decade ago when its parent company purchased American Management Systems, a Fairfax County contractor that was coming off a series of troubled projects. CGI moved into AMS’s custom-made building off Interstate 66, changed the sign outside and kept the core of employees, who now populate the upper ranks of CGI Federal.

They include CGI Federal’s current and past presidents, the company’s chief technology officer, its vice president for federal health care and its health IT leader, according to company and other records. More than 100 former AMS employees are now senior executives or consultants working for CGI in the Washington area. read more>>>

What with the multi millions spent by outside groups, the time and money wasted in congress taking votes in the House, what some 47 now to tear the law apart. The constant parroting of the talking heads of the corporate media and talking points as to 'Obamacare'! Those seeming to shy away from actually asking questions or researching out possibilities. Remember the growing louder War Drums, embraced widely by the media outlets, as the Country quickly abandoned the missions after 9/11 and on to Iraq!!

Seems some top execs could be easily swayed to do now for very fruitfull rewards down the road, or similar to what was reaped under the bush, if the Politics and Washington swing to what was at the beginning of this new century!

Then we get the Insurance companies, having had months to prepare policies upgrades and inform policyholders of same waited till the last minute to start dropping people under the lead cover of the troubled website from startup which got everyone in an acting rage and thus easier to confuse the masses.

Earlier there was another article asking questions on just that and a certain political ideology:

Why Republicans Suddenly Care About Canceled Health Policies
16 November 2013 - Amid the current national uproar over the troubles of the Affordable Care Act, it is almost uplifting to hear the deep concern expressed by politicians, pundits, lobbyists and corporate leaders over cancellation of existing health insurance policies. They empathize loudly with the millions of potential victims, whose plight infuriates these worthy observers with fury. They fill hours of television and pages of print with expressions of outrage. Suddenly, everyone in Washington is intensely concerned about Americans losing their health coverage.

The outpouring of noble sentiment would be laudable — indeed, long overdue — if only there were reason to believe these protestations are sincere. Sadly, the evidence points in the opposite direction, for a single obvious reason: Millions of people in this country have been losing health insurance for years, resulting in many thousands of serious illnesses, bankruptcies and early deaths. But until insurance cancellations became a political embarrassment for President Barack Obama, the usual right-wing reaction was silence. (Except for that awkward and revealing outburst during the 2012 Republican debates when a live audience howled its approval for the "let him die" plan.) read more>>>

It would be very interesting to hear from the programmers, those with honesty in their inner selves, the White House brought in to fix the site, maybe, as well as interesting if the media etc. started asking hard real questions of the Insurance executives!

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