Sunday, November 10, 2013

AMEN: Paula Poundstone on ACA

Love it when what I'm thinking is able to be spoken where many can watch or read. Paula Poundstone did just that on this mornings CBS 'Sunday Morning' and her letter to the President:

Hey, we're used to tech problems

10 November 2013 - If there were an Oscar for Best Performance by a Website, it certainly wouldn't go to the one that goes with the Affordable Care Act. But is that a reason to discredit the health care law as a whole? Contributor Paula Poundstone has a letter for President Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

I want you to know that I am still with you on this health care thing. The media would have us believe that it has lost support, which makes no sense.

Most of us agreed that we loved the idea of people with pre-existing health problems being able to receive coverage. It is simply not possible that technical challenges with the website could cause voters to turn off on that idea.

Anybody who has ever used a computer knows, that privilege goes hand-in-hand with frustration. Why would we give up on the affordable health care law because of that?

If we were ordering something from Amazon, we'd keep trying for months. Heck, if we were having cable installed, we'd take the day off work to wait for the cable man. We're no strangers to struggling with websites. Why would that make us give up on a law that makes some insurance policies provide preventative medicine with no co-payments?

Technology is fraught with frustration. I had a double-tweeting problem for a while, but I didn't give up my Twitter account.

My toaster lost its timer, but I still make toast. read more>>>

As I watch, listen and read all the way over the top whining a few issues pop instantly into mind. The Medicare Part D fiasco, though for teabags, anyone with an (R) after their names, having erased all memories of everything bush and tepub congresses from them tiny brains, that's another forgotten issue or problem. Them blinking clock times on the VCR's that would still be blinking if the technology, oh so frustrating on a daily basis, hadn't advanced past. Even my recent so called upgrade to the Firefox browser that freezes, everything, if I don't move my cursor!!

There's actually two things going on as to them teabags here. Not only trying to dismantal the ACA, even the base that benefits again from, but also the site is built by a private government contractor and any subs of, which can't be attacked because that blows what they're all about, seeking to privatize everything that's government for corporate profits and wall street investments!

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