Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Talkin bout health care policies and websites

December 09, 2013 - The audit points to 3,200 problems with the state's new payment system called NCTracks. More than 650 of those glitches are still active. Seventy-four percent of those cases are rated as highly severe. The vendor, CSC, is responsible for fixing them. {my highlight}

Audit shows problems with NCTracks

And the NC DHHS response:

DHHS did offer a statement from DHHS Chief Information Officer Joe Cooper. It read:

"NCTracks has processed 81 million claims and paid almost $4.5 billion to North Carolina healthcare providers, but it is clear that there is still work to do. While DHHS has a process in place for prioritizing and resolving issues with NCTracks and over 81% of all identified defects have been resolved, we thank the Auditor for her recommendations. It is important to note that the number of defects in NCTracks is significantly less than the industry average for a software system of its size and complexity, and do not affect the vast majority of providers. Our primary focus continues to be to make system improvements and to ensure that every provider is paid for the work they do. But if even one provider is impacted negatively, that's one too many."

Republicans have controlled the over site, legislature, now for going on three years, and the governors office for going on a year!

We've followed what they thought was important for the state and the residents it represents, certainly not fixing real problems which are costing everyone more!!

And North Carolina is one of the states not signing on to getting back it's residents federal tax dollars earmarked for the Medicaid Expansion. That will cause residents in, like the other states, to pay more for Health Care premiums under the ACA to cover the losses the Health Care providers will have because of those needing Medicaid and those refusing to sign up for Health Care coverage under the ACA but only paying the fine. Instead of striving for Healthier residents thus a Healthier State!

And while this was going on and on... the Rep. Issa traveling Congressional {hearing} Kangaroo Court opened in North Carolina at the request of Rep. Pittenger (R), and the others, on the ACA or as they continue calling it 'Obamacare':

12/09/13 GOP hits Obamacare with ‘hearing’ road show
Rachel Maddow reports on Rep. Darrell Issa holding ostensible congressional hearings to air grievances about Obamacare.

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