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Bill 'Moyers and Company': 7 February 2014

Bill McKibben to Obama: Say No to Big Oil
February 7, 2014 - After the State Department issued a long-awaited environmental impact statement on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline last week, environmentalists and those opposed to the 1,179-mile pipeline have intensified their push for the Obama administration to reject the project.

This week, Bill Moyers talks with Bill McKibben, an activist who has dedicated his life to saving the planet from environmental collapse, about his hopes that Americans will collectively pressure Obama to stand up to big oil.

“Most people understand that we’re in a serious fix,” McKibben tells Moyers, “There’s nothing you can do as individuals that will really slow down this juggernaut … read more w/transcript>>>

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While the decision on building the Keystone pipeline is pointed directly at the Executive Administration, especially now giving weight to the State Department recent report, and as usual everyone reading interprets the report with their own blinders on, into the mix, it would be very interesting to find out exactly how many citizens are contacting their direct representatives, their congressional hirelings House and Senate, and especially in the States the pipeline will pass through, but issues like this affect the quality of life and more for everyone, in the opposition. Those 'representatives of the people', in the special interests pockets and representing them instead, want everyone focused on laying blame away from them and especially at this Executive branch. That's on All issues like this! Putting the pressure on the Congressional members, with the proof and reality of needed, who ultimately make the policies decisions and can and should work with the Executive administration and decisions made!

The Keystone Pipeline Project will Not add tens of thousands of jobs, building it nor refining or shipping/transportation needs. The southern leg of the pipeline is now pumping, did anyone see tens of thousands of jobs created to build same or in the manufacturing etc. of the needs for! The refining and shipping/transportation capacity is already in place, if added need that will be minimal, and so are those jobs. Building will create jobs only in the hundreds and those will be mostly short term as it goes through each state, only a few will continue to be employed during the whole project or lengths of, most will be temporary for shorter lengths. Not even manufacturing needs for will boost job growth. Alternatives like solar and add in wind, hydro including tide technologies, etc., will create, and already would have, tens of thousands of jobs including in manufacturing. And add in the innovative engineering to advance those as well as developing a new grid system, especially smart grids, to eliminate huge outages in storms and more and thousands of more jobs are created. Oil and Coal workers would easily bring their experiences, hard work ethics, skills and knowledge in the trades, along with the many construction trades professionals, into the alternative clean energy industry, which in most cases would be safer jobs as well.

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