Thursday, February 27, 2014

International Progress on Climate Change Laws

Report hails international progress on climate change laws
Study shows 64 out of 66 countries had put in place or were establishing significant climate or energy legislation in 2013

27 February 2014 - Almost 500 laws to tackle climate change have been passed in countries which account for nine-tenths of global emissions, a study has found.

Much of the action in the past year has been taken in emerging economies, including China and Mexico, while "flagship legislation" has been passed in eight countries, most of them developing nations such as Bolivia, El Salvador and Mozambique.

A further 19 countries are considered to have made progress in 2013 on climate laws in the latest Global Legislators Organisation (Globe) study, although two countries - Japan and Australia - have "backslid" and started to reverse climate legislation.

The fourth annual Globe study, co-authored by the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics, covers 66 countries, up from 33 in the last report, accounting for 88% of the world's emissions.

It found that 64 out of 66 countries had put into place or were establishing significant climate or energy legislation. read more>>>

The pdf reader from, The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study on the United States legislative efforts from the Global Legislators Organisation (Globe) site page with a map where you can read the reports from each country within the report.

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