Friday, February 21, 2014

The 'fossil fuels' Fantasy Meme's are Baaaaaack

These are not new ideologies about our energy sources. Though will say I don't remember the use of Nazi experiments in the years before. But in these past some four decades they've grown to even more use of Nazi type ideologies and experiments then to boost their arguments, for the special interests, in stopping advancement of the society. They even are growing to embrace the communist ideologies, especially recently in after praising the bushco and lackey conservative congresses of, they've started praising the Russian leader Putin, machoman, because of their hatred for the blackman inhabiting the While House and leading even with total government obstruction!

02/20/14 - Anti-science NC leaders no laughing matter
Rachel Maddow reports on the outrageous anti-science positions held by North Carolina governor Pat McCrory and his Secretary of the Department of Environment.

These special interest puppets grew up in what was and still exists, though not as bad because of the regulations we once passed and are now being removed or sought to remove, fiscal conservative ideology, ever growing smog domes over cities and industrial area's that spread to the countryside. The warnings given as that thickened depending on the weather. The further spread also by the weather conditions, high winds and acid rains that killed off forest foliage poisoned streams, rivers and lakes as well as the fish and more taken from as food sources. And now condemn the reports out of China and their extremely heavy smog filled cities. They though used what was to quickly build a huge capital producing economy, with help from western corporations, and have the experienced trades labor once envied from here. And are now quickly advancing the alternative energy sources we once started developing, and they envied our many area's of, in growing even more their own economic health and expanding that to other countries in their development.

All that's left for the special interests and their totally bought lackeys is the denial of climate change, which shouldn't be used to block the advancement into alternative clean energies, one doesn't need to believe in the reality of what we humans have been doing to stop a huge economic growth industry. The arguments like this that fossil fuels are cheap, can't use that anymore though they try, or plentiful and never ending, we wouldn't be possibly causing future earthquakes, depleted clean water supplies and more by fracking hard rock under the surface to extract amounts of natural gases within if it was producing itself constantly nor would oil wells dry up.

They've been using those for over forty years, that which we use for energy production, fossil fuels, are abundant, not taking thousands of years to create, and always to be cheap sources of energy, as well as clean.

To block the growth into alternative natural clean energy sources because fossil fuels makes gobs of money and it's established, reason they even block regulations in attempting to clean up the processing and manufacturing at least a little.

I used to help install or was on job sites where being installed the new age solar as well as newer innovations in wind and water energy collection some forty years back, it was all blocked from advancing forward. We used to be the envied of the World in innovative product and service development industries and quick innovations on same, used to be! And what we did had the workers wanting to do as we shared in at least some of the fruits of that labor.

Now others, those that envied, are advancing rapidly forward and the technologies in, they also have the once experienced and innovative trades we here built, and they envied, across the board, that we had exported to them not for cheaper products but for cheaper labor, huge bottom lines and no or lax regulations to protect the public and our land. They still want to maintain that and it's all about huge wealth, nothing else!! Why China, and some others, have been using our billions, paid back in interest charges over the past decade plus on borrowed not paid for yet war monies and more for the rubber stamped deficits during the bush years and the need to continue borrowing, to help them advance into innovative advanced alternative energy sources.

They are using the denial of climate change, now, to stop the growth of an economic industry, as we exported our others, whether they believe in the reality of or not. It isn't about the possibilities of, that's just one main topic and reason to change our long practiced ways of destructive behavior, it's about the huge profits that can and are still being made, and the government subsidies the energy companies still garner, corporate welfare.

Those building the huge wealth, and using some of it to buy the power and control, energy isn't cheap no more is it, won't be around to appreciate the damage they left behind, just like the greedy capitalists, now following the reagan con free market capitalism, before them!

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Anonymous said...

The climate has never been safer. ANd it has gotten even safer in each successive decade of the fossil fuel era. Just search for "reason foundation extreme weather."